Author: Bryan

Hamlette goes Haunting

You better not shout, you better not scream… the vampyres might just hear you!

On Thursday October 21st 2010, at Jack Thompson’s Hotel Gearin in Katoomba, Theatresports® Blue Mountains is bringing you a throat-ripping chiller of a Gothic show, especially for Halloween.

So, bring your pumpkin, silver bullets and holy water because ou just never know who (or what) is around the corner!

For more info about our Halloween show, click here.

As you might recall, on Thursday 23rd September (that’s this week!), Theatresports® Blue Mountains spring has sprung special Ham Stakes show is on at Jack Thompson’s Hotel Gearin, in Katoomba.

Of course there isn’t a better place to celebrate spring than the Blue Mountains national park. Not only is the Ham Stakes show on, there are also various festivals and other events happing throughout the mountains region, so perhaps it’d be worth your while to come up and make a loooong weekend of it.

So come along to the Ham Stakes show, it’ll will be a night where too much fun will be had by all. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Hamlette frollicking with a bunny and two spring chicks

Another action-packed and emphatically entertaining Ham Stakes show is already being planned by the Theatresports® Blue Mountains team.

The show will be presented on Thursday 23rd September at Jack Thompson’s Hotel Gearin.

Hamlette frollicking with a bunny and two spring chicks

In celebration of the change of seasons at the beginning of the month, TSBM’s cute piggy mascot, Hamlette, has decided to go tip-toeing through the daffodils.

As always, the show will feature teams of skilled improvisers who will create wonderful characters in weird and wonderful new worlds, completely unrehearsed and right before your eyes!

So join us for a night of light-hearted entertainment on Thursday 23rd September 2010.

To read more about the show, click here.

Our mascot Hamlette on the hustings.

It was a terrific show on Thursday 19th August 2010, which was ostentatiously billed as an UN-election special against the backdrop of the looming Australian Federal Election several days later.

Two teams (‘The Umbrellas’ and ‘Team B’) of skilled improvisers faced each-other across the political no-man’s land, and battled it out for absolute supremacy.

It was a heavy contest to sway the voter-audience, however as with all contests there can only be one winner; the awesome talents of Team B won the night by a margin of 3 points with some excellent sketches.

In keeping with the season, several of the local candidates for the Blue Mountains seat of Macquarie attended the show and entered into the fun of it all, by allowing our improvisers to poke a little bit of gentle fun at politicians in general with investigation of such concepts as sincere politicians, kept promises and honesty.

To cap off the show, MC and Theatresports® Blue Mountains Artistic Director, Bryan Cutts, invited the candidates to step up onto stage and deliver with a 30 second speech each, a range of dream promises they’d deliver should they be elected as Australia’s next Prime Minister. The winning bid, achieving the loudest applause from the audience, related to a brave proposal incorporating free beer. Surely a winner indeed; although, the jury’s still out as to whether this promise will actually be delivered:)!

Logo for Get ShirtyAs always, several prizes were given away throughout the show to various audience participants, supplied by two supportive Blue Mountains businesses. Local t-shirt and promotional product business, Get Shirty, made it possible to give away some wonderful printed T-Shirts; and in keeping with the name of the show, Peter’s Meats in Katoomba made available some delicious ham steaks.

All-in-all, fun was had by everyone, even if in the end we were no closer to deciding who we’d all vote for on the following Saturday.

Next show; September 23rd… be there!

Our mascot Hamlette on the hustings.

It’s official, the next Ham Stakes show will feature some very special guests indeed!

With the show preceding the upcoming federal election by only a couple of days, Theatresports® Blue Mountains extended an invitation to all the electoral candidates for the seat of Macquarie to attend for some light-hearted fun and non-partisan frivolity.

So far, three candidates have confirmed they’ll be at Jack Thompson’s Hotel Gearin on the 19th August; Terry Tremethic of the Carer’s Alliance, Luke Portelli of the Christian Democrats and Jason Cornelius of the Family First party. All other candidates have been contacted and further announcements are expected shortly.

For more information about the show, click here.

Our mascot Hamlette with a very worried Turkey!
Our mascot Hamlette with a very worried Turkey!

Well, there’s not much more you can say when the warmth of the applause is as wonderful as it was tonight!

It was a terrific show, and the audience was quite simply delightful.

There were 4 teams; the Deers, the Turkey Stuffers, the Stocking Fillers and Santa’s Naughty Elves; all vying for the ultimate reward – the undying adulation of the audience.

Reel it in... The show was action packed; we were entertained by Shakespearean drama, sports-style commentary, music and out-and-out comedy – ingredients which guaranteed a night to remember.

In the end, it was Santa’s Naughty Elves who stole first place, followed closely by those Stocking Fillers.

Of course, a show isn’t a show without great music… and we had that in bucket-loads. Opening the show we were treated to a Tom Lehrer classic, presented by the Blue Mountains own Very Small Choir. This magnificent group also gave a us several ditties when we came back from intervals.

Continuing the music theme, all our players were supported by Tim Cunningham, another BM local, who’s been around the music scene for aeons.

We gave away prizes, laughed a lot and generally worked our funny bones to the (well) bone!

Now it’s full steam ahead for the next show, an election 2010 special; Ham Goes Poll-Dancing! Put it in your diary now; Thursday 19th August, 8pm, at Jack Thompson’s Hotel Gearin.

See you there.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to book your tickets for our Yulefest Ham Stakes special on Thursday 29th July.

Presented in conjunction with Jack Thompson’s Hotel Gearin in Katoomba, this show is sure to be a cracker!

our mascot Hamlette, with a worried Christmas Turkey
our mascot Hamlette, with a worried Christmas Turkey

Featuring Blue Mountains local players, and some naughty elves imported from Sydney’s impro scene, you are guaranteed a night of festive high-jinx.

To add some extra Christmas flavour, we are very proud to have the Blue Mountains’ own ‘Very small Choir’ joining us with a few quirky Christmas tunes to add that extra dimension.

Your host and MC for the night is Theatresports® Blue Mountains’ very own Bryan Cutts.

For booking details and further information, click here. Remember, save 25% off the ticket price if you book online.

Theatresports® Blue Mountains logoWith further refinement of the TSBM logo, we’ve now managed to incorporate the fun that  Theatresports® is, with a hint at theatre’s Greek roots – and at the same time managed to ensure that this ‘high class(!)’ artwork can be reproduced in black and white without losing too much detail.

Level 1 Theatresports® classes are the foundation stones of improvisation and Theatresports® skills.

The next Level 1 term will run for 8 weeks, on Wednesdays from 4th August until September 22nd 2010. These are 2 hour sessions, starting at 7.30pm.

No previous experience necessary: Level 1 classes are a terrific starting place for everyone! They are the foundation work for actors, teachers and all hobby players.

For more information, click here.