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Here are our 3 Blind Mice, from left to right; Abby Mouse (played by actor Jill Day), Charlie Mouse (Carolyn Eccles) and Benji Mouse (Ben Roorda).

We’re not sure what it was that Benji said to the two girls during rehearsal, but judging by his and Charlie’s faces… it looks like it was a bit naughty.


The show starts on Friday 13th… have you booked your tickets?

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3 blind miceThose cheesy creatures, the 3 Blind Mice are getting very overexcited.

Abby, Benji & Charlie – the 3 Blind (and very argumentative) Mice, will be in the MOUSEterChef kitchen at the GingerBread House in Katoomba from Friday 13th January.

This kid’s school holiday show is full of  songs and music, audience participation, silly noises and even more silly action.

AND, as a special treat, all the children who come along to MOUSEterChef performances, will get a FREE gift after each show.

Bookings are looking good, so grab your tickets while they are still available… online here or by phoning the friendly staff at the GingerBread House on 02 4782 6958.

Last weekend, we held two shows… the first on Saturday night was a dinner and show, and then on Sunday we have a special Afternoon Tea. My goodness, the fans just keep on coming.

Along with all our regulars, we seem to be finding more and more new fans. On Saturday, Annette and Joe gave us this wonderful video review…

There is only one more Yulefest Blue Mountains Dinner and Show left, on Saturday 30th July, so book your tickets before we run away.

Audiences cheer for The Goon Show LIVE!Last Saturday was a BLAST! It was a show like no other… one table in particular was very much involved with the show, quoting lines back at the actors, and even chorusing Eccles’ famous line “He’s fallen in the water” every time there was the merest hint of a splash.

There was one wonderful lady, who wants to remain anonymous, who sent us this wonderful note a couple of days later…

I am so glad that I discovered The Goon Show three years ago. This will be my fifth one and one of the best. I was struck from the beginning at how close the actors have got to the originals, and if I was to close my eyes, I would think I was 16 again and listening to the show on the radio. Thanks guys. They say laughter keeps you younger.and you have certainly taken at least five years off my age with the latest helping.

Such flattery… thank you, and we hope to see you at many more of our shows in the future.

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The boys of The Goon Show LIVE! already have the biggest heads around, but those craniums are swelling even more on hearing these audience reviews.

To see what all the fuss is about for yourself, come along to our Yulefest Blue Mountains dinner and show; there are only 4 shows to go.

Read about the show here or book your tickets here, or perhaps you’d like to visit our YouTube Channel.

Meet Peter, a looong-time Goons fan who came along to the first The Goon Show LIVE! show back in 2013. Last Saturday, 16th July, was his 4th trip to see us play on stage at our Yulefest Blue Mountains dinner and show. This is what he said later that evening…

Thank you Peter, we appreciate your comments… although it up the pressure a bit for next year.

Come to this Saturday’s dinner and show at Hotel Blue in Katoomba and see what all the fuss is about.

Read about the Yulefest dinner and show | Get Tickets

Our Yulefest Blue Mountains 2016 dinner and show season of The Goon Show LIVE! is looking good, so good that we can’t contain ourselves when we get raving endorsements from our audiences.

Here are Wendy and Brian, who came along to the sell-out show on Saturday 9th July…

We’re going to collate a few audience reviews and post them up later, but for now, be sure that you book your tickets.

For this Saturday 16th July, there are only a handful of seats left, so get your tickets here.