The last time these boys appeared at Hotel Blue, they demonstrated their pre-show warm-up techniques.

Two of our Goons, guitar / vocalist Andrew Russell, and Simon Lenthen who plays Harry Secombe, take warming up before our shows very seriously. Here’s a sneak peak of their sophisticated technique.

At the beginning of the clip, you’ll catch a glance of fellow Goon-type, John ‘Peter Sellers’ Stretton walking out of shot. He probably was going to hide so that he didn’t have to be subjected to Simon’s singing-type noise.


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We have been very lucky with our show The Goon Show LIVE!, which seems to have won the hearts and ears of a very loyal audience.

We have quite a following now, with many people returning again and again – even following us around as we put on shows in the Blue Mountains, the Hunter Valley, the Central Coast of NSW and Sydney.

salute-mar14There are even plans for shows travelling more inland,  interstate and possibly even a cruise or two.

None of this would happen it it wasn’t for fans – so we salute you!

There are 4 shows left to see out 2016; we’d love to see you there…

Visit The Goon Show LIVE! website for details and bookings.

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By Bryan