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Hope your evil laugh is on your lips… HAhaHahAHAhaHahAHAhaHahAHAhaHahAHAhaHahA!

If not, you had better start practising.

Our next show, which is on at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort on Friday 28th October, is our very own take on the ancient ‘festival’ of All Hallows.

  • Yes; there will be ghouls
  • Yes; there will be witches


  • YES; there will be gouts of blood pouring from your veins when they have been ripped open by the Count!

Oh, I forgot… it’s a family show…

Well, there’ll be something a little bit scary for everyone, so come along for a terrific night of entertainment.

  • When? Friday 28th October 2011, at 8pm
  • Where? Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort
  • What? Dinner and Show – Accommodation packages available too.

Bookings and more info? Click here!

A wonderful new event is happening in the Blue Mountains; the Festival of Walking. This a delightful celebration of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage region, good health and history.

AND… to celebrate this first Festival of Walking, the Fairmont Resort Leura is hosting its inaugural Brew Mountains Beer Festival on Saturday October 15, 2011 – with us, Theatresports® Blue Mountains as special guests! We’ll be presenting our regular format which features in our show at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort (hint, the next Waldorf show is on Friday 28th October).

The program is still being organised, however bookings for the Brew Fest are being taken and selling fast. So grab your chance for a terrific Brew mountains experience and book now.

Festival of Walking Grand Finale – Brew Mountains Beer Fest

  • Sat 15th October
  • 11am–6pm
  • 25pp

Tickets from moshtix.com.au
Meet at Fairmont Resort

logo for the Ham Stakes impro show featuring Hamlette, our very cute piggy mascot!

Our famous Blue Mountains Theatresports® pub show, the Ham Stakes, is about to hit the stage at the Hotel Gearin in Katoomba – AGAIN!

As always, this show features the talents of a motley crew, thrown together to out-wit each-other with challenges designed to leave you laughing and gasping for breath.

Theatresports® has been playing at the Gearin since June 2010, and some of the performers in this show have been involved with Theatresports® shows in Sydney for over 20 years.

A global brand, Theatresports® as spawned such hit television shows as ‘Thank God You’re Here!’ and ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’

A night of improvised sketch comedy? Perfect!

Read about eh show and book your tickets.

logo for the Theatresports® show at the Waldorf Leura Gardens ResortHere’s hoping you’ve booked your tickets for tonight’s show at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort.

Theatresports®, the global phenomenon which spawned TV hits such as ‘Thank God You’re here!’ and ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’, is a delightful way to enjoy a fabulous blend of theatre, improvised comedy and pure madness.

A treat for all the family, you will see our cast create before your very eyes a veritable smorgasbord of characters, new worlds and fantastic adventures.

This show, in traditional Theatresports® style, will be presented as a team-on-team competition. Each team will leap on-stage, ready to meet all challenges thrown at them by their fellow performers – and the audience.

Oh yes, audience involvement! All part of the fun…

The show is on  at 7.30pm tonight – Friday 30th September 2011 at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort. Get there early to order your meal, then sit back and enjoy!

It’s a wonderful Blue Mountains experience, so book now.

logo for the Theatresports® show at the Waldorf Leura Gardens ResortGet your laughing gear into shape because our next show at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort is just about ready for you.

This show will whisk you away on a night of over-stretched imaginations, wonderful adventures, lovers’ trysts and impossibly hilarious situations. All this will be underscored by a live soundtrack!

Theatresports® is a lively interactive show, on which television hits such as ‘Thank God You’re Here!’ and ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ are based. In this show at the Resort, you will witness our cast creating wonderful new (and brave (perhaps)) worlds and throwing themselves into trouble at every opportunity.

Because our shows are improvised, every night is completely unique – you will never see the same show twice!

Accommodation + dinner + show packages are available – as well as show-only and meal / show deals. Click here for bookings and further information.

“It’s a great night out!”

Hamlette frollicking with a bunny and two spring chicks

Oh yes, it must be spring;, the blossom is filling the Blue Mountains air with delectable scents, the daffodils are brightly smiling at everyone and Theatresports® Blue Mountains is celebrating with a another show at the Hotel Gearin in Katoomba.

The seasonal silliness set for Thursday 15th September, at 8pm.

Featuring a cast of total loonies who will amaze and entertain you with their delightful impro skills, clever characters and queer quests – this show is a MUST.

Bookings and further information can be found here.

Last night (Friday Aug 26th 2011) we presented our first show at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort… and what a show it was!

Not really sure of how it was going to play out (yes, pun intended), our talented cast threw themselves on the mercy of a restaurant full of patrons who all had one message emblazoned on their heads – ‘entertain me’.

And entertain we did!

Featuring two teams, The Walnuts and She’s Apples (hey, we were at the Waldorf after all), the audience was treated to a high energy show which broke them down completely.

There were plenty of laughs, especially when something went wrong (as always happens when everything is totally unscripted).

It was show chock-full of wonderful scenes, which included the entire Harry Potter franchise compressed into a 1 minute rip-roaring re-hash and lessons in how to polish silver-ware.

Our cast took the audience on strange journeys into unknown (or at least unrecognisable) worlds, and we were all introduced to a whole world of weird and (mostly) wonderful characters.

Supported by Guy ‘Mr. Music;’ Saltis, and judged by the stunningly beautiful Janet Lynne Smith and the slightly less beautiful Aaron Wormald, we quite frankly blew up the house!

Photos and footage are on their way, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, put the dates of our next shows into your diary… Thursday 15th Sept, The Ham Stakes Show at the Hotel Gearin in Katoomba – and Fri 30th September, The Theatresports Show at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort.

logo for the Theatresports® show at the Waldorf Leura Gardens ResortDon’t forget; our new show at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort kicks off tonight. This show will be a special one as you are treated to a unique Blue Mountains Theatresports® entertainment experience.

If you like the idea of sliding into your weekend with good food (oh yes, you’ll be well fed), and plenty of sketch-comedy to shake out those work-kinks… here is the show for you.

With tickets starting from $45, you just HAVE to come along.

To make your booking and for further information, click here.

logo for the Theatresports® show at the Waldorf Leura Gardens ResortTheatresports® Blue Mountains is thrilled to announce the launch of a second regular show in the Blue Mountains.

Your hosts are the management team at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort!

Our new show is packed full of all the Theatresports® impro challenges seen in Australia and globally, with the addition of a few extra surprises especially thrown in.

Initially, the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort’s Theatresports® Show will be staged on the last Friday of each month, with extra shows throughout the year for special events,

Our inaugural Resort show is on Friday 26th August, at 7.30pm.


The Resort is offering great accommodation and show packages, and they’re serving up some delicious platters and desserts too.

Set amidst four and a half acres of landscaped gardens and overlooking the 4th fairway of Leura Golf Course, Waldorf Leura Gardens B&B Resort offers a relaxing and memorable venue for any occasion.

The location is perfect being only minutes from all the attractions of the Blue Mountains and five minutes from Katoomba’s sightseeing including the world famous Three Sisters and Scenic World.

What a wonderful way to kick-off the work gear and slide into a Blue Mountains weekend!

Click here to book now… limited tables available.