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These actors are working hard… well, playing hard anyway, as they rehearse for MOUSEterChef; tails of 3 Blind Mice – a school holiday treat for children at the The Gingerbread House Katoomba.


With lots of nursery rhymes and plenty of silliness, this show will be FUN! Shows at 10am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from January 13th.

Bookings by phone 04 4782 6958, or online.

3 blind miceThose cheesy creatures, the 3 Blind Mice are getting very overexcited.

Abby, Benji & Charlie – the 3 Blind (and very argumentative) Mice, will be in the MOUSEterChef kitchen at the GingerBread House in Katoomba from Friday 13th January.

This kid’s school holiday show is full of  songs and music, audience participation, silly noises and even more silly action.

AND, as a special treat, all the children who come along to MOUSEterChef performances, will get a FREE gift after each show.

Bookings are looking good, so grab your tickets while they are still available… online here or by phoning the friendly staff at the GingerBread House on 02 4782 6958.

MOUSEterChefWhat do you have planned for the Kids this school holidays?

How about a trip to Katoomba, in the stunning Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

At The GingerBread House, Katoomba, you will find a special treat is on offer – a great show; MOUSEterChef; tails of 3 Blind Mice.

Featuring nursery rhymes from your own childhood, audience participation, silly noises and even more silly action; this show will will be a terrific way to start your day.

Shows at 10am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 13th – 29th January 2017; click here to read details and book tickets.

Last night’s The Goon Show LIVE! was the last gig for 2016. It was wonderful to see so many people; new faces and quite a lot of regular stalkers – sorry, fans.

Now for a bit of a break, and then see what 2017 brings.

In the meantime, don’t forget that our July 2017 tickets are already selling well, so be sure to get in on the action.

The rumour is that this particular run of shows will be a very special one indeed… but we can’t tell you why just yet…

Ying tong iddle i po!


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What are you waiting for?

The boys of The Goon Show LIVE! have been working hard (if you can describe what they actually do as ‘working’), bringing the best of British Comedy to the stage.

After successful tours to the NSW Central Coast and Sydney throughout 2016, they are returning to where the LIVE! show all began… Katoomba, in the stunning Blue Mountains.

Robin (Spike Milligan) Queree of The Goon Show LIVE! forgot his linesThis here is Robin Queree (a.k.a. Spike Milligan), in a recent show; he’s just realised that it’s his line.

Although they all hold their scripts in-hand, they still manage to lose their place at times. With luck, he’ll remember to bring his script to our show at Hotel Blue on December 17th.

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the MouseterChefEntertainment and theatre company, Entertainment Blue Mountains, is presenting another kid’s show, which is being hosted by the GingerBread House, Katoomba in the January 2017 School Holidays.

Titled ‘MOUSEterChef; tails of 3 Blind Mice’, it this tail tale is written by Blue Mountains writer Simon Lenthen, and directed by Skye Mostafa.

Loosely based around the original nursery rhyme 3 Blind Mice, the show is sure to please children from 2 to 8 years of age, with songs and other audience participation.

There’s lots of fun promised for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other adult hangers-on too, with nursery rhymes from their childhood weaved throughout the story.

After the success of last year’s Mother Goose, this show promises to be a special treat indeed.