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Coles Supermarket logoSpecial Easter BunniesOur next Theatresports® Ham Stakes show is looking better and better… especially for all those choc-a-holics out there. A special sponsor has joined forces with TSBM, providing choccy Easter Bunnies as prizes throughout the show on Thursday 21st April at the Gearin Hotel in Katoomba.

So a very special thank you to Coles Supermarket, Katoomba, for entering into the fun!

See you there… and don’t forget to book your tickets.

OK all you Theatresports® fans, you’ve been craving another fix, you need that hit… so make your booking for our next Ham Stakes Theatresports® show in Katoomba.

It’ll be a big one, so don’t miss out; read about the show and book your dinner and show – or show only tickets here.

More info as it comes to hand will be posted soon.

Make sure you’re ready for fun tonight at Jack Thompson’s Hotel Gearin in Katoomba.

Our Theatresports® Ham Stakes show will deliver a night of delightfully light-hearted entertainment, strange tales and if possible, even stranger strangers (umm, characters).

This show is a little different from the usual… so don’t miss out.

More info and bookings are here.

logo for the Ham Stakes impro show featuring Hamlette, our very cute piggy mascot!

Announcing the next show at the wonderful Katoomba venue; Jack Thompson’s Hotel Gearin!

This Theatresports® show will be a little different in format, just in case our audiences felt they were getting used to our antics. Details are still being sorted out, but we promise a night of terrific improvised theatre with a large dose of comedy – as recommended by your friendly and slightly demented family doctor.

To be amongst the first to know about details of the show as details are confirmed, subscribe to our ImproMail.

To book your tickets to the show,  a meal and show ticket or even a package deal with show, meal and accommodation… click here.

Please donate to the Salvo's flood appeal
Please donate to the Salvo’s flood appeal

What an excellent night it was!

Last night, Thursday 20th at Jack Thompson’s Hotel Gearin, we presented a very special Theatresports® Ham Stakes show… and what fun indeed.

Hosted by the one and only Ewan Campell, this magical night of improvised theatre kept our audience in rapturous awe. He was assisted and supprted by the delightful talents of musician Tomomi Takahashi, and the super organised Drew Kitteridge who acted as timekeeper.

We had three teams all vying for glory and adultation, and while there can only be one winner… the Salvation Army’s flood relief project; audience, players, sponsors, staff and everyone else even vaguely connected to this show walked away with memories which can be treasured always.

It was a terrific experience for all, and some much-needed funds were raised.

Thank you to everyone for their support; see you at the next show on Thursday 17th February!

The amount of media attention and support for this show has been wonderful; and should guarantee an awesome turn out indeed.

We have some wonderful guests, and in the last 24 hours and whole new team has dropped in our lap; simply too wonderful.

If you want a terrific night’s entertainment, and at the same time have the desire to help the many people and families affected by the floods, then come and join us for a HUGE night!

Check out the details here… and come along.

The show on the 20th January at the Hotel Gearin in Katoomba, simply would not be possible without the generous assistance provided by the business community.

From the outset, the Hotel Gearin, The Blue Mountains Gazette, Radio BluFM and Watchdog Communications jumped in with solid support. Since then the word has spread, and as of the time of this post, the businesses assisting us in raising money for the Salvo’s Flood Relief fund are;

We are still looking for other business and corporate support; if you believe you can assist, please contact us now.

For details of the show, click here.

We are absolutely delighted to have secured the talents of Tomomi Takahashi. She is a gifted composer, arranger, pianist, accompanist, and improv theatre musician.

Tomomi has worked in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Europe for a number of opera, dance, both scripted and improv theatre companies, and recording studios.

Her improv theatre collaborations include Tokyo Comedy Store, Impro Australia (Scared Scriptless and Cranston Cup Semi-finals at the Roxbury Hotel, Belvoir St Theatre and the Factory Theatre), Backstreet Stories (Bar me) and Out of the Box Theatre which specialises in the use of another improvisational theatre form, playback theatre.

To have such a delightful talent on board is simply fantastic… so come along to our Flood Relief show on Thursday 20th January. Read the details here.

support the Salvation Army's Qld. Flood Relief Appeal

Our regular show for January has been turned into a flood relief show for those in Queensland who are battling the floods.

If you feel that you can help us raise much needed donations, and at the same time have a little fun, why not come along to the show.

For more info click here.

Our January 2011 Theatresports® ‘Ham Stakes’ show will take the audience at Katoomba’s Hotel Gearin off on journey of dreams and aspirations for the new and exciting year ahead.

“Join us for a night of imagination, hope and wonder… and cheap comedy.”

Boook your tickets for the show, or a dinner show package, here.

Hotel Gearin… be there!