Don’t forget, our next show, Santa Vs. Scrooge, is on Thursday 21st at the Hotel Gearin in Katoomba.

The show commences at 8pm, and features Santa, Scrooge and our very special guests, the Very small Choir.

Come along for a hilarious night out, and a great Christmas feast.

For information and bookings, click here.

portrait of Joanne SamuelOur show, which happens on Thursday 21st July at the Hotel Gearin in Katoomba, is hotting up with the addition of another judge; Jo Samuel, actor extraordinaire and force behind the Blue Mountains Performing Arts Association (BooMPA).

Jo has a wealth of experience over several decades on Australia’s screens, and is credited with mentoring the Blue Mountains Grammar School team to Champion status in the Theatresports® Schools Competition in Sydney.

The show promises to be a huge one; bookings are strictly limited, so arrange your tickets now.

Santa v. Scrooge
Hotel Gearin, Katoomba
Thursday 21st July 2011, 8pm

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Santa’s troupe of naughty elves are getting very over-excited about the upcoming Yulefest Theatresports® show, which is happening on Thursday 21st July at the Hotel Gearin in Katoomba.

They’ve been getting under the big man’s feet, creating all sorts of strife at the the toy-shop.

In an unexpected development, Santa called in the help of his trusty friend Rudolf to whip those pesky elves into shape. Unfortunately this has backfired, and Rudolph was last seen tied up with packing tape and singing “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells…” while under the influence of some potent egg-nog.

Santa is in training with his team of elves, ahead of their head-to-head challenge against the greatest threat Christmas cheer has ever faced… Scrooge.

Sources close to the ‘Humbug Horror’ state that old-man Scrooge has entered into an uneasy alliance with the Three Ghosts is his plot to over-throw Santa. His ultimate aim is apparently to eliminate Santa’s hold on the toy-manufacturing market, which according to some analysts, would result in global turmoil as retailers are forced to relinquish shelf-space, replacing toys with lumps of dirty coal. As various counties work towards reducing carbon emissions, such an eventuality is tipped to increase the carbon price tenfold.

To witness this clash between Santa and Scrooge, and enjoy a sumptuous Christmas Roast followed by a traditional plum pudding, book your tickets now.

The chef at the Gearin Hotel has just unveiled a delightfully delicious Christmas feast for your enjoyment at our Christmas in July Yulefest show on July 21st.

Our wonderful guests will all be treated to a delectable Christmas Roast (beef or pork),   followed by a traditional plum pudding. Yum!!!

So if you are looking for a Yulefest event with a difference,  some terrific entertainment and a sumptuous Christmas feast,  book now.

Online bookings are only $29 (or try your luck and turn up on the night and get your dinner and show for $35),  so click here to read about the night we have planned for you.

Hurry,  these tickets will sell out.

Our cute piggy Hamlette getting into the Christmas fun with a sweet little reindeer.Yes, it’s that time of year again;  one of the festivals for which the Blue mountains is famous –  yes,  it’s Yulefest time!

Our show (which coincidently is our Birthday too)  will feature Santa,  deer,  naughty elves (what on earth DO they get up to?),  a Very small Choir,  presents and way too much Christmas food.

Before your very eyes,  the world of Christmas will be twisted and re-shaped in a way you didn’t think was possible.

So,  if you are looking for a unique Christmas in July experience,  read more and book your tickets here.

Well, it’s almost time to get those laughing muscles into shape; you wouldn’t want to pull one now… painful!

That’s right, another riotous show is on tonight for your entertainment pleasure!

Where? Hotel Gearin, across the road from Katoomba railway station

When? Tonight! Thurs 16th June 2011 – 8pm

Hurry along early, and grab a bite to eat too.

Aaron Wormald; Blue Mountains Theatresports® expert

We have been able to confirm two impro experts who will act as special guest judges for our next show at the Gearin Hotel in Katoomba, on Thursday 16th June.

Both these delightful people, who are Blue Mountains residents, are experienced in all things impro… and are ready to give our players the scrutiny they deserve. These outstanding judges are Amy McDowell and Aaron Wormald.

So, if you want to see our players pushed to the max, come along to the show on Thursday 16th June… read details and book here.

See a Theatresports® show in the Blue Mountains. "Excellent entertainment!"

Our next show, at the Hotel Gearin on Thurs 16th is shaping up nicely. In traditional Theatresports® style, this show will be featuring teams of gung-ho players all vying for the glory and fame of winning the night.

To aid them in this quest, or possibly frighten them into deep depression, we have been lucky enough to secure some guest judges. Details of all judges are still being finalised… so stay tuned for an announcement soon.

In the meantime, read about the show here; and subscribe here.

logo for the Ham Stakes impro show featuring Hamlette, our very cute piggy mascot!

Our next Theatresports® ‘Ham Stakes’ show will keep you warm and cosy.

The show as always will be presented at Jack Thompson’s Hotel Gearin in Katoomba; it’ll be happening at 8pm on Thursday 16th June.

Featuring a cast of thousands (well, about a dozen really), this show promises to insulate you from the Blue Mountains cold with journeys into strange new worlds with a plethora of even stranger new characters… all created before your very eyes!

Nothing is scripted in these shows. Audiences love the magic and comedic results of our totally improvised shows. So come on, book your tickets – perhaps you’d like dinner too.

Read about the show and book your tickets here.

See a Theatresports® show in the Blue Mountains. "Excellent entertainment!"

The next Theatresports® ‘Ham Stakes’ show on Thursday 19th May, is looking very healthy indeed, with a terrific line-up of wonderful talent.

So far confirmed are some of our regular crew who audiences at the Hotel Gearin have grown to love; CC, Drew Kitteridge, Drina Manon,  Jimmy Tredinnick, Josh Tredinnick, Murray Robinson, Ryko Kalinko and Seamus Quinn.

Our talented cast will be joined by TSBM ‘virgin’, Charlie Balyck; and we’ll also be seeing the delightful Fabiola Meza for the second time after her debut on the Gearin stage last month.

Winter is fast approaching here in the Blue Mountains; come warm up with us at the Hotel Gearin on Thursday 19th May at 8pm. Book your tickets and read about the show here.