We are absolutely delighted to have secured the talents of Tomomi Takahashi. She is a gifted composer, arranger, pianist, accompanist, and improv theatre musician.

Tomomi has worked in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Europe for a number of opera, dance, both scripted and improv theatre companies, and recording studios.

Her improv theatre collaborations include Tokyo Comedy Store, Impro Australia (Scared Scriptless and Cranston Cup Semi-finals at the Roxbury Hotel, Belvoir St Theatre and the Factory Theatre), Backstreet Stories (Bar me) and Out of the Box Theatre which specialises in the use of another improvisational theatre form, playback theatre.

To have such a delightful talent on board is simply fantastic… so come along to our Flood Relief show on Thursday 20th January. Read the details here.

support the Salvation Army's Qld. Flood Relief Appeal

Our regular show for January has been turned into a flood relief show for those in Queensland who are battling the floods.

If you feel that you can help us raise much needed donations, and at the same time have a little fun, why not come along to the show.

For more info click here.

Our January 2011 Theatresports® ‘Ham Stakes’ show will take the audience at Katoomba’s Hotel Gearin off on journey of dreams and aspirations for the new and exciting year ahead.

“Join us for a night of imagination, hope and wonder… and cheap comedy.”

Boook your tickets for the show, or a dinner show package, here.

Hotel Gearin… be there!

“Join us for a night of jolly red suits, bags of pressies and flying venison… an evening of all-out fun for all.”

The month of December will take the audience at Katoomba’s Hotel Gearin off on a whirlwind journey to the North Pole where Santa and those shady elves of his create mayhem with the reindeer.

Appearing in this Theatresports® show are a troupe of local improvisers, including one half of radio BluFM’s Metasonics show  – Ryko Kalinko, and regular Theatresports® BM maestro Jimmy Tredinnick.

Other local performers for this Christmas show include Hannah Robinson and Drew Kitteridge; as well as Simon Lenthen of Sydney’s Kosher Theatresports® team ‘Yentil as Anything’. Joining the mayhem will be Murray Robertson of Milkcrate Theatre.

Santa will be making a special guest appearance too. Anyone who wants to sit on his knee is welcome to come along and ask nicely…

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Well, the show last Thursday 18th November was a HOOT! We had two wonderful teams; the Magic Mongooses (mongeese? mongoosies?) and the Rocky Horrors, competing for fame (about 1 minute’s worth) and glory.

In this particular show, we had a battle of generations – our Mongooses were all ‘young-guns’ while the Rocky Horrors brought age (read, not quite ancient), experience and the wisdom of time spent on this globe.

The show was played in typical Theatresports® format, with a series of games being played throughout the night, starting with 1 minute quickies through to 4 minute open challenges to end the night. In fact, one of the most delightful and truly hilarious moments of the evening was when the Mongooses challenged the old fogies (sorry, the Rocky Horrors) to play a 4 minute scene using ONLY words commencing with the letter ‘A’. The result, a beautiful and very funny story about ants, which included antivenin, ambulances and amputation – in no particular order.

Of course the night would not have been the same without an extremely loud audience. They laughed ’til their sides hurt, and cried for more. We even had a couple of audience victims who climbed onto the stage and helped our players create some improvised magic.

It was a terrific night, with players and audience alike simply having a ball!

Oh; and who won? The scores were 33.5 to the Rocky Horrors and 32.5 to the Magic Mongooses, a close match proving that skulduggery applied by old farts might just take the shine off those wet-behind-the-ears young-guns.

Next Theatresports® show is our Christmas special on 16th December… info coming soon. Perhaps you might like to subscribe.

Yet another great Theatresports® show is in planning at the Hotel Gearin… this time the theme is ‘Hippy Hippy Shake’.

Yep, we’re going to step back to the hazy 1970s; the era of Woodstock, that disco duck and flower-power.

“Join us for a night of innocence, kaftans and love-beads… an evening of all-out fun and lurve for all.”

  • Will we all be transported back to Woodstock?
  • Will kaftans suddenly fill the shops of Katoomba Street?
  • Will we all end up with blocked sinuses in Dylan-esque homage?

For more information and bookings for our next Theatresports® ‘Ham Stakes’ show, click here.

Since being established in June 2010, Theatresports® has been working hard to build it’s profile.

Blue Mountains Gazeete article featuring the Theatresports® Halloween show on Oct 21st 2010 Blue Mountains Wonderland article featuring Theatresports® Blue Mountains

Of late, this has been helped by some great media exposure.

Most recently, the Blue Mountains Gazette carried an article featuring the Halloween show (which happened on 21st Oct 2010); and a month ago the tourism magazine ‘Blue Mountains Wonderland’ updated visitors to the region in it’s spring 2010 edition.

In addition, we’re pleased to have also been well supported by the Blue Mountains own radio station, BluFM 89.1.

With luck, TSBM’s media exposure will continue to grow.

Hamlette goes Haunting

On Thursday 21st October 2010, at Jack Thomspon’s Hotel Gearin, the Katoomba audience was treated to a very spooky Halloween Theatresports® Ham Stakes show.

Two gothic teams lined up and pitted themselves against eachother; ‘Black Magic’ and ‘Hitchock’.

They played a series of challenging games and gave the audience more than enough reasons to hold onto their seats and frighten the vampyres away with rib-breaking laughter and applause.

The Katoomba audience got in on the act too, providing terrific sound-effects for a howling storm and other terrible noises. Two victims were selected to join the players on-stage too.

The points being tallied up at the end of the show, showed that team ‘Black Magic’ (lead by their fearless captain Jimmy Tredinnick ) were just that little bit too powerful for the ‘Hitchcock’ team, winning but only 2 points.

Special mention needs to be made of the night’s very special guest Edvard, our very own Igor-esque slave who provided some excellent additional scary action throughout the show.

All in all, everyone had a great time… here’s to the next show at the Gearin; Thursday 18th November 2010.

It was a tough test, however Jimmy Tredinnick, Hannah Robinson, Josh Tredinnick and Zephyr Larkin from the TSBM team ‘Excess Padding’ all survived their first heat of the Cranston Cup competition.

They are know psyching up to play in heat 3 of this demanding improv competition… which happens on Sunday 10th October at 3.30pm.

Be there; Factory Space Theatre, Victoria Road, Marrickville.

More info;