Tomomi Takahashi

Musical magician; Tomomi Takahashi
Musical magician; Tomomi Takahashi

Tomomi Takahashi is a gifted composer, arranger, pianist, accompanist, and improv theatre musician. She has worked in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Europe for a number of opera, dance, both scripted and improv theatre companies, and recording studios.

Her improv theatre collaborations include Tokyo Comedy Store, Impro Australia (Scared Scriptless and Cranston Cup Semi-finals at the Roxbury Hotel, Belvoir St Theatre and the Factory Theatre), Backstreet Stories (Bar me) and Out of the Box Theatre which specialises in the use of another improvisational theatre form, playback theatre.

We were lucky enough to secure Tomomi’s talents for a special fund-raiser show on Thursday 20th January 2011, at Jack Thompson’s Hotel Gearin, the proceeds of which were collected by the Salvation Army for their work in helping those affected by the Queensland floods over the previous (and future) weeks.