Hosted Murder Mystery Parties

Murder in the Blue Mountains

You and your party guests are invited to leap into the spirit of things, and dress up in costume – you might be a wealthy heiress, a swaggering gangster or a saucy flapper!

The George Boutique Hotel is the perfect place for Murder. The Hotel is evocative of the character and charm of a bygone era of intrigue and mystery, when distant and pleasingly wealthy relatives kick-the-bucket leaving ancestral fortunes to unsuspecting (and very surprised) cousins 32 ½ times removed.

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  1. Mingle with your party guests, a glass of complimentary Bubbly in hand, in The George’s Library
  2. Your Murder Host meets you and escorts your party to your table in the private Murder Room
  3. Orders taken / meals are served (3 course set-menu specially created to match the theme of your Murder Party)
  4. Murder Begins!

Hosted Murder Mystery Parties are a specialty of Entertainment Blue Mountains and The George Boutique Hotel. The George is located in Blackheath, nestled in the Blue Mountains, about 15 minute’s drive from Katoomba and Leura – or half an hour from Lithgow. View a map.

Get a group of friends together for some high-jinx Who-Dunnit!

  • Murder Parties are perfect for Birthday & Christmas Parties, Business Events & Fundraisers, Farewell & Retirement Dinners, Teenage Birthdays, Reunions, or simply as social get-togethers with your family and friends.
  • Imagine your 30th,40th, 50th or indeed 100th Birthday ‘Do’, hurling wild accusations at your friends and loved-ones as you all put that brain-matter to work to deduce who among you is The Murderer (music cue… Da Da Da DAAAA)!
  • Even Team Building takes on a whole new flavour when the team let their hair down, working out what they can get away with, and putting together all the clues in the frantic race to catch the Fiend – before their own neck ends up in the noose.

a Murder party in the Blue MountainsThe George is an intimate venue, and our Murders are perfect for a minimum 8 people, and a maximum party of 16

The Murder Mystery Parties are expertly scripted, with packages including dinner, even lunch or afternoon tea. Accommodation and breakfast packages at The George are also available.

The George Boutique Hotel and it’s Blue Jax Restaurant, is located at 194 Great Western Highway Blackheath  N.S.W.  2785 Australia (view map)

There are only 3 steps to your (or somebody else’s) Murderbloodied hand of murder in the Blue Mountains

  1. Decide on the Date
  2. Select a Scenario; they are listed below… (Or you can have a Custom Murder Mystery written for you. Ask us about this service.)
  3. Make Contact; call The George Boutique Hotel on (02) 4787 6111 or email us with your inquiry – we’ll do the rest.

You’ll Die Laughing


Murder Mystery Scenarios

The Watersdown Affair our most popular

Setting; January 1936 in Yorkshire, England.

By separate invitation, you and a select few others have been invited to Watersdown Mansion as the weekend guests of Sir Roger Watersdown.

Watersdown Mansion is an old, elegant stone building situated in Yorkshire, England, and constructed in 1817. The original owner, Lord Balmy Farfrummit, made his fortune selling English pig iron to the French after Bonaparte’s defeat in 1815. Roger Watersdown acquired the entire Farfrummit holdings in 1925 after the tragic death of Viscount Farfrummit aboard his sailing yacht, Frummit’s Ferry, which foundered during a fierce storm off Falmouth Harbor.

Sir Roger, is the principal shareholder of the giant conglomerate Watersdown Beverages Ltd., and known far and wide as a jovial host. Female guests are cautioned that Sir Roger, after consumption of his customary evening cocktails, tends to become something of a leech.

Chicago Caper

Setting; 1920s Jazz Bar, somewhere near Philadelphia, America

Chicago gang leader Harold ‘Hal’ Coppone was released from Awsume State Penitentiary near Philadelphia after serving a six-month term. Coppone, who was jailed for carrying an unlicensed weapon, was met by a group of his men – among them was Chicago gangster Joey Ratello, chief suspect in the recent killing of Marco Molino – and departed quickly in a powerful seven-passenger Lincoln Touring car.

While he had nothing to say to the press, Coppone and his men were undoubtedly headed back to Chicago where, it is rumoured, they have more than one score to settle.

More Murders

We are adding to our collection of Murder Mystery scenarios all the time. If you would like to be informed when we add another scenario, we recommend that you subscribe to out Murder Email List.

Make Contact; call The George Boutique Hotel on (02) 4787 6111 or email us with your inquiry – we’ll do the rest.

All our Murders are hosted by the Murder Master.