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Our upcoming shows and events

We always have new projects in the pipeline; below is a list of our upcoming shows and events. Click the links to read more, or book tickets. If tickets are not yet available, we recommend that you subscribe to our email list to be notified when tickets are released, or keep in touch by following our Facebook Page.

Our next show in June and July 2018
a Yulefest Blue Mountains event…

logo for The Goon Show LIVE!

Read about The Goon Show LIVE! | Book Now on StickyTickets


A Dinner event July 2018
another exclusive Yulefest Blue Mountains event

A Bloody Dickens Christmas title

Read about A Bloody Dickens Christmas


Our last Children’s show, which was performed in January 2017

the 3 Blind Mice

Read about MouseterChef: tails of 3 Blind Mice

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Terms and Conditions

Refunds are not available if you are late or simply do not attend. Depending on availability etc., Entertainment Blue Mountains may be able to transfer your booking to another date on your request, however be aware this is solely at the producer’s discretion.

  • Depending on the event, EBM has a policy of ‘locking’ the door at the advertised time performances are due to commence.
  • This policy is in place out of respect to those audience members who are in attendance as well as the performers.
  • If there is a suitable break in the performance, such as an interval, we will grant access to latecomers at that time only.
  • Refunds will not be issued if you are denied access once the show has commenced

Some shows and events presented by Entertainment Blue Mountains have suggested age restrictions depending on content. Any such age restrictions will be advertised as part of the details of each event. If you bring children / minors to any event with age restrictions, your tickets will not be refunded.

Entertainment Blue Mountains does not take any responsibility for the actions of its ticketing provider StickyTickets, or any other third-party ticketing provider which EBM may use from time to time. If you do experience any problems with ticketing, please contact Entertainment Blue Mountains and EBM will do what it can to resolve the problem; however EBM cannot be held responsible for the actions of any third-party.