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Yulefest 2018 with The Goon Show LIVE!

Simon Lenthen is Neddie SeagoonWhen? 
23 June to 14 July 2018
– a Dinner & Show every Saturday night at 6.30pm
PLUS a special Afternoon Tea and show on Sunday 8th July at 3pm

Palais Royale, Katoomba
in their stunning 18th Century French-inspired Grand Ballroom
230 Katoomba Street, Katoomba NSW 2780
Venue Website


  1. Online via StickyTickets
  2. By phone 02 4784 6300
  3. Accommodation is available at the Palais Royale, and at many other hotels, motels, self-contained cottages and B&Bs in the Blue Mountains. For information on what is available, please visit the GetInNow page of the official Visit Blue Mountains website.


The Affair of the Lone Banana
Series 5, Episode 5, First broadcast on October 26, 1954. Script by Spike Milligan.
Fred Nurke is missing! An overripe banana, in a Cannon Street shipping office, is the only clue to his whereabouts. Inspector Seagoon follows the trail to a British Embassy in South America, where he is just in time to help the Embassy staff in  a brush with the rebels. Why are Señor Gonzales Mess and his gang trying to cut down the only banana tree in the Embassy gardens, and what is the connection between Fred Nurke and the overripe banana in Cannon Street?

The Canal
Series 5, Episode 6, First broadcast on November 2, 1954. Script by Spike Milligan.
After 43 years at school, young Ned Seagoon returns to Seagoon’s Folly.

The Whistling Spy Enigma
Series 5, Episode 1, First broadcast on September 28, 1954. Script by Spike Milligan.
How young Ned Seagoon is sent behind the Iron Curtain to sabotage the Hungarian Football Team – thus assuring a revival of Britain’s prestige throughout the sporting world.

Fathers Day with The Goon Show LIVE!

D. C. Callan ais BluebottleWhen?
Saturday 1st September 2018
– a Show at 7pm

Fathers’ Day Sunday 2nd September 2018
– an Afternoon Show at 3pm

Penrith Gaels Cultural & Sporting Club
75 Richmond Road corner Glebe Place, Kingswood NSW 2747
Venue Website


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Drums Along the Mersey
Series 7, Episode 2, First broadcast on 11 October 1956. Script by Spike Milligan.
The Hon. Nedward Seagoon, last heard of off the coast of Ireland, Learns from his solicitors Messrs. MacHairy MacLegs, that he has inherited £1,000,000. He establishes his identity with the solicitors, but in order to claim his inheritance he must become a Peruvian. His quest leads him to South America, where he attempts to prove among other things, that all Peruvians are Welsh. Unfortunately Neddie discovers that the man who left him the money – Baron Seagoon – is not dead, but had merely overslept.

logo for the Penrith Gales ClubThe Mystery of the Marie Celeste (Solved!)
Series 5, Episode 8, First broadcast on 16 November 1954. Script by Spike Milligan & Eric Sykes.
What does Crun, Bannister & Co., Deptford Shipwrights, know of the mystery of the Marie Celeste? And why is Admiral Bloodnok anxious to withhold Admiralty Charts from Neddie Seagoon? And who is the mysterious philanthropist offering £5,000 for information about the Marie Celeste? And did Crun, Bannister & Co. really build the missing ship? And who were to the original members of the crew masquerading under the pseudonyms of Bluebottle, Throat, Bogg, Eccles, Yakamoto, Eidelburger, Headstone and Grytpype-thynne?

The Internal Mountain
Vintage Goons 9, First broadcast on 28 December 1986. Script by Spike Milligan.
You might think it is enough to climb Mount Everest from the outside, but not a bit of it… our heros do it the hard way, from the inside.

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The Goon Show LIVE! at the Mebourne International Comedy Festival 2019

Johnny Cordukes is EcclesWhen?
March / April 2019
– dates and details TBA



Tickets are not yet available. Sign up for the priority list using the form below. Once tickets are available, you will be advised one week prior to the general public announcement.

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