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The Lads of The Goon Show LIVE!

Here are the Lads with Perfect Radio Faces

We're pretty sure that these faces should not be allowed anywhere near a mirror, but they're the best mugs they have....

Here are the cast-members of The Goon Show LIVE!.

They are slightly insane but still reasonably lovable. Click on their names below to read about these very strange guys.

aka Neddie Seagoon 

Simon Lenthen, cast member of The Goon Show LIVE!

Simon is one of the original cast of The Goon Show LIVE! Standing in the shoes of Harry Secombe, Simon lets loose playing that hairy and very gullible Ned Seagoon. 

Simon ‘s other stage credits include “The Diary of Anne Frank” as Mr Frank, “Cosi” as Roy, and the radio play “The Hounds of the Baskervilles”

His appearances in childrens’ theatre have included the role of Mother Goose in “Mother Goose”, and as Iggy Chop in “The Wollemi Warrior”, both of which he wrote and directed for Entertainment Blue Mountains.

Other plays Simon has written include “MouseterChef’, and his second-place winning “The Conversion”, in the AUJS Young Jewish Playwright Competition. 

In addition, he has published short fiction and poetry on various websites and journals.

Simon has also performed in Theatresports™, for Kosher Theatresports™ at Bondi, and The Hamstakes in the Blue Mountains. 


aka Hercules Grytpype-Thynne, Major Dennis Bloodnok, Bluebottle and Henry Crun etc.

D. C. Callan, cast member of The Goon Show LIVE!DC (David) Callan is an actor, comedian and writer who graduated from ASIO in 1993 with majors in Counterterrorism, Surveillance and Method Acting. DC’s career shift from watcher to watched followed the advice of the Director-General of ASIO, who thought that for the sake of National Security, DC had to get out of the spying game.

DC’s stage credits include McBride in the national tour of Certified Male, directed by Glyn Nicholas, the grotesque Father Angelico in Constance Drinkwater and the Final Days of Somerset, an outrageous Peter Sellers in The Schelling Point for Tamarama rock Surfers, and the bigoted social misfit Neville in National Security and the Art of Taxidermy for Belvoir Theatre’s B Sharp. DC  regularly revisits his past profession in his critically acclaimed one-man show I Spied – true confessions of an ex-ASIO Spook, which has garnered him the Adelaide Fringe Show-of-the-Week Award, the Adelaide Fringe Critics Award and a nomination for Best Comedy at Fringeworld, Perth. I Spied is also the only show to rate 6 out of 5 stars at the Adelaide Fringe.

DC’s television credits include on Good News Week for Ten, Backberner, the Election Chaser, At Home With Julia and Rake for the ABC and as Sydney crime Kingpin Lennie MacPherson in Tough Nuts for Foxtel’s CI Network. In 2000 and 2001, DC starred as Noel in the groundbreaking improvised drama Going Home for SBS.

He is in demand as a voice over artist and can be heard regularly on Media Watch on the ABC, and gives voice to multiple characters in the animated series Gasp for Channel Nine and The Davincibles for Ten. 

DC has a built a solid reputation as one Australia’s finest comic imrovisors, appearing on stage at the Melbourne & Sydney Comedy Festivals and Fringeworld in Perth, as well as gala performances at the Sydney Comedy Festival.

aka Eccles, Count Jim Moriarty, Minnie Bannister, Little Jim etc.

Johnny Cordukes, cast member of The Goon Show LIVE!From the wildly comedic to the downright dastardly, Johnny’s screen & theatre production background means that he delivers performance with unique vigour, depth & power to all productions.

With a production background of classic music videos, TVC’s, corporate & promotional video as well as producing Ozploitation horror feature: ‘Primal’ (2010), Johnny gets an audiences blood pumping.

Recent performance as hell-bent Detective Sergeant Gordon Godfrey in Josh Reed’s soon-to- be-released indie feature ‘We’re Not Here To F**k Spiders’, showcasing Johnny’s darker screen presence.

From powerful stage performances including Max in Pinter’s classic ‘The Homecoming’, to regular TV spots on ABC comedies such as The Checkout as well as Channel 7’s Home & Away, Johnny delivers wonderful versatility.

A powerful voice, charismatic presence and diversity of performance styles makes Johnny very watchable.

aka William (Bill) Greenslade / BBC Announcer, Grams and other characters

John Bailey, cast member of The Goon Show LIVE!John Bailey first became an actor when he was very young and has continued acting till now that he is not quite so young.

He started acting in New Zealand and continued acting when he moved to Australia in the late eighties.

He has acted on stages, in halls, in parks, on the streets, on radio, on television and on film. He has acted on community projects, on professional projects and on commercial projects.

He has done a lot of other things as well, but he has always come back to acting. He is now trying to act in The Goon Show LIVE!

Musician & Vocals

Andrew Russell, musician and vocalist with The Goon Show LIVE!Singer/guitarist Andrew Russell is a true music lover, with a career that spans four decades, three continents and many musical styles. He’s a regular feature on the live gig scene all over Sydney, the Blue Mountains and surrounds, has several CDs to his name… and he even finds time to teach students some of his guitar wisdom.

Being the talented guy he is, Andrew brings to our show wonderful sounds just like in the old days. He blends the original Goon Show’s regular artistes; Max Geldray, Ray Ellington’s Quartet and Wally Stott’s Orchestra, with his deceptively simple style and honest performances, giving our show the kind of class that the rest of our CraZy People couldn’t bring onto stage if they’d fallen in it!

He makes his home in Australia’s Blue Mountains in NSW, playing and singing a mixture of the 1950‘s-60‘s styles he likes best, swing jazz, rockabilly, bossa nova, bluegrass and the odd Irish jig belted out on the electric guitar. He is a witty and genial compere and if coaxed plays a mean banjo.

Visit Andrew’s  website to read more about this outstanding artiste.

Behind the scenes...

Obviously the Lads need help looking and sounding good… Here are the people who have that formidable task:

Bryan at first rehearsal April 2018

Bryan Cutts

Bryan is the director and co-producer of The Goon Show LIVE!.. in other words, chief bottle-washer and waster of time.

Carole Kelly, administration director

Carole Kelly

Carole is a co-producer of The Goon Show LIVE!.. and basically the brains of the operation. She handles all the admin and keeps the rest of us in line.

John Tompkins, SFX guys for The Goon Show LIVE!

John Tompkins

John is the guy who recreates all the sound effects which are played during our shows. Without him, the Lads would sound even worse than their radio-perfect faces.

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