Special Easter BunniesLast night, Thurs 21st April, we had a wonderful show at the Gearin Hotel. As promised it was choc-full of bunny-ness – not least because our guest host Hannah Robinson was dressed to ‘kill’ in ears, tail and pink bow-tie. The audience loved her dry wit throughout the show, and appreciated her deadly command of our wayward players.

Playing on the night were TSBM regulars Drew Kitteriddge, Murray Robertson, Nicola Elizabeth, Seamus Quinn, Drina Manon, Ryko Kalinko, Affleck and Jimmy Tredinnick. Joining this motley crew was Sydney blow-in Fabiola, who almost stole the show with her energy.

Instead of our standard team competition, we played the show in the ‘maestro’ format, where all players fought each-other in the best improvisation style to accrue points. It was a tight contest which peaked in a 3-way draw for first place – resulting in a play-off between Jimmy, Affleck and Drina. The audience were divided, but in the end Jimmy convincingly won the night.

The highlight of the show was the delightful scene (a game of expert double figures, where two players act as the ‘arms’ of two other players) where young audience member Harold, jumped onto the stage and enthusiastically presented the role of an expert in Starfish Playtime. He was a treat to behold, and his fellow audience loved him judging by the applause. Of course Harold won a chocolate Easter Bunny for his efforts.

Our MC, Hannah, gave away a lot of choccy bunnies that night, all thanks to Coles Supermarket in Katoomba which sponsored the show. Coles staff were there at the show and by all reports enjoyed the night.

All-in-all it was a lot of fun, and after the show quite a few of the audience stayed around for a chat. The word was that it was a thoroughly enjoyable night… and as far as we know, we converted two Theatresports® ‘virgins’ into avid fans.

Details of our next show are to be announced soon; in the meantime, make sure May 19th is in your diary, and tell all your friends that they simply have to join you for our next Ham Stakes show! To be kept in touch, keep an eye on our Theatresports® Ham Stakes show page, or even better, subscribe and be amongst the first to hear of details as they come to hand.