Well, the show last Thursday 18th November was a HOOT! We had two wonderful teams; the Magic Mongooses (mongeese? mongoosies?) and the Rocky Horrors, competing for fame (about 1 minute’s worth) and glory.

In this particular show, we had a battle of generations – our Mongooses were all ‘young-guns’ while the Rocky Horrors brought age (read, not quite ancient), experience and the wisdom of time spent on this globe.

The show was played in typical Theatresports® format, with a series of games being played throughout the night, starting with 1 minute quickies through to 4 minute open challenges to end the night. In fact, one of the most delightful and truly hilarious moments of the evening was when the Mongooses challenged the old fogies (sorry, the Rocky Horrors) to play a 4 minute scene using ONLY words commencing with the letter ‘A’. The result, a beautiful and very funny story about ants, which included antivenin, ambulances and amputation – in no particular order.

Of course the night would not have been the same without an extremely loud audience. They laughed ’til their sides hurt, and cried for more. We even had a couple of audience victims who climbed onto the stage and helped our players create some improvised magic.

It was a terrific night, with players and audience alike simply having a ball!

Oh; and who won? The scores were 33.5 to the Rocky Horrors and 32.5 to the Magic Mongooses, a close match proving that skulduggery applied by old farts might just take the shine off those wet-behind-the-ears young-guns.

Next Theatresports® show is our Christmas special on 16th December… info coming soon. Perhaps you might like to subscribe.