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The Goon Show LIVE! is very popular; we have quite a following of Goon Show cultists (sorry, we should say aficionados) who come along, sit and recite the jokes and catch-phrases of The Famous Eccles, Bluebottle, Seagoon and all rest of those loveable rascals. AND, we seem to be propagating an entirely new breed of Goon Show fans, who are also returning to our shows time and again.
After every show, our audiences want to stay and chat and meet the cast – even grab an autograph or two!

See this YouTube Video of some wonderful audience reviews from some of our Yulefest Blue Mountains audiences..

After our events we often get soime written reviews; here are some of the more recent notes…
…a lovely lady who preferred to remain anonymous, sent this flattering piece…


“I am so glad that I discovered The Goon Show three years ago. This will be my fifth one and one of the best. I was struck from the beginning at how close the actors have got to the originals, and if I was to close my eyes, I would think I was 16 again and listening to the show on the radio. Thanks guys. They say laughter keeps you younger.and you have certainly taken at least five years off my age with the latest helping.”

We’re quite chuffed with this notes from Jon in Melbourne…

“The show was brilliant and a great night’s entertainment. It was my wife’s first exposure to The Goons and she absolutely loved it. Come to Melbourne!”

Well Jon, we’ll have to something about doing a show in your neck of the woods… be sure to subscribe so we can tell you when we manage to organise something.
People have written lovely some lovely messages on Facebook, and left YouTube comments too..
On our Facebook page, Jim V commented with;

“…very professional and I can unreservedly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t yet booked. It’s been a long time since I had such an enjoyable evening’s entertainment…”

Sophie B was also on Facebook, and she wrote…

“We had a wonderful time tonight. Lots of fun and lots of laughter. Such an entertaining performance and so great to experience it live. Thank you!”

Simon L posted this gem;

“Last night in Warrawee, my three young sons and I saw the show: our cultural heritage! Great fun, engaging the audience, and stunning mimicry of the original Goons and BBC announcer. Superb songs as well, with the audience joining our excellent crooner. We’re looking forward to seeing another show.”

Robin B complimented us too…

“A really great evening at The Goon Show LIVE! in Warrawee. Fantastically accurate reproduction of the original, hats off to you all. It is marvellous to see this classic comedy, which is still as funny today as it has always been and put on in such great spirit by a bunch of very talented guys.

David V was very enthusiastic;

“Fantastic show!!! Saw it twice! Couldn’t believe I was seeing the magic brought to life again after loving the radio shows for all those years! Will definitely be coming to Blue Mountains in July!! So well done – and the “crooner” was pretty awesome too!!!”

Gosh David, twice?! You must be mad… oh, hang on, we are too.
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Comments on our YouTube channel;
zaphodbeeblebrox10 wrote…

My wife and I are huge Goon Show fans and we think’ The Goon Show LIVE’ is just BRILLIANT! We have been to see the guys perform at 3 different venues now. The dinner and show package is just the best way to enjoy 3 fantastic scripts performed live. What a fantastic live re-creation of the wonderful silliness that the Goon Show was all about. You guys are keeping the Goon Humor alive. Your crooner is amazing! Your Greenslade is a character in himself. Your Harry and Spike are like doppelgangers and your Sellers does the most amazing character voices! It’s as fun as the real thing! For a truly fun night of wonderful comedy, we thoroughly recommend ‘The Goon Show LIVE’. Go see it!
…You’ve got to go ‘Oooowwwwwww!’

Yes yes yes yes… we LOVE the praise… it’s going to our heads, we’re going to drown in a sea of adulation!
Why, thank you; we love breathing a new life into The Goon Show, and we are soooooooo pleased that we seem to be getting it right.
LookingForward LookingBack left us this gem;

We traveled to Katoomba just to see these gentlemen perform and it was a truly memorable night with plenty of laughs. We loved every moment of it and it brought back so many wonderful memories. We will definitely be back and we’ll be only too pleased to spread the good word. Please come to the central coast (Gosford) !?

Thank you; it’s terrific that you enjoyed yourselves so much. We always aim for plenty of laughs… glad they hit the target (owww).
We did listen to that last comment, and in 2015 we made it up to Woy Woy on the NSW Central Coast… and what a show that was!

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