logo for the TheatresportsĀ® show at the Waldorf Leura Gardens ResortGet your laughing gear into shape because our next show at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort is just about ready for you.

This show will whisk you away on a night of over-stretched imaginations, wonderful adventures, lovers’ trysts and impossibly hilarious situations. All this will be underscored by a live soundtrack!

TheatresportsĀ® is a lively interactive show, on which television hits such as ‘Thank God You’re Here!’ and ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ are based. In this show at the Resort, you will witness our cast creating wonderful new (and brave (perhaps)) worlds and throwing themselves into trouble at every opportunity.

Because our shows are improvised, every night is completely unique – you will never see the same show twice!

Accommodation + dinner + show packages are available – as well as show-only and meal / show deals. Click here for bookings and further information.

“It’s a great night out!”