The Goon Show LIVE! button; click to visit the websiteThe Goon Show LIVE! opened at Katoomba’s historic Paragon cafe and restaurant last weekend… and what a wonderful night it was.

The audience was treated to a delicious 5-course Yuletide dinner, (starting off with a Smoking Bishop which went down a treat) and a great night’s entertainment.

Full of all the usual Goon Show characters including Bluebottle, Henry Crun, Min and Bloodnok, the show features 3 original Christmas episodes written by Spike Milligan; The International Christmas Pudding Mystery, The Raid of the International Christmas Pudding and a somewhere twisted rendition of the timeless classic, A Christmas Carol.

Featuring a strong cast, terrific sound effects and wonderful music, this dinner and show is not to to be missed.

The season runs until August 3rd only, and given the limited capacity of the Paragon’s dining room, seats need to be booked ahead.

There are some seats available for this week’s show on Saturday 6th July… so now is the time to book those tickets.