Theatresports® Blue Mountains has gone from strength to strength in the last few months. From humble beginnings, this troupe of talented improvisational actors has grown into a force to be reckoned with. Their “Ham Stakes” shows can always be counted on to provide lots of laughs, intrigue and no shortage of naughty bits.

Saturday night’s premiere show at the new venue of Leura’s beloved Hotel Alexander was no exception.

Performances were strong and energetic, ranging from a film noir murder mystery to love stories to the love life of a praying mantis to a documentary about the advantages of swamp drainage. It was a steep learning curve. The audience was enthralled and in fits of laughter throughout the show. Three teams battled it out to great applause and much hilarity and served up an excellent night’s entertainment.

If you haven’t seen a Ham Stakes show or witnessed Theatresports® Blue Mountains’ other excellent show “Waldorf Salad” at The Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort, you must do yourself a favour and take yourself on an outing.

Definitely a first rate show guaranteed to produce top quality laughs. See for details.