Richard Henry ‘Peter’ Sellers (b. 8/9/1925 – d. 24/7/1980)

Peter SellersPeter Sellers was born in Southsea, Hampshire and served in the Royal Air Force, during World War 2. It was after the war while working as a comedian at the Windmill Theatre, that he met Harry Secombe and Michael Bentine.
Sellers had an established radio career before The Goon Show commenced, and had also starred in a number of films by the late 1950s.  Many of the characters in The Goon Show were performed by Sellers who had an amazing ability to create different voices and accents. After The Goon Show finished, he continued to have a successful movie career including roles as Dr. Strangelove and Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther.
He was married four times (Anne Howe, Britt Ekland, Miranda Quarry and Lynne Frederick) and had three children with the first two spouses. A life-long sufferer of depression, Sellers died of a heart attack at the age of 54.

John StrettonJohn Stretton

Stepping into Peter Sellers’ shoes for The Goon Show LIVE! is John Stretton.