Wallace Greenslade (b. 1/7/12 – d. 21/4/1961)

Wallace GreensladeWallace Greenslade, the 2nd BBC announcer with The Goon Show, and the most well-known, was born at Formby in Lancashire. He served as a Lieutenant commander in the Royal Naval Reserve during the Second World War and joined the BBC in 1945.
He was the announcer, straight man and occasional character voice on The Goon Show from 1953 -1960, in addition to news reader for both radio and television from 1955.
Greenslade worked in many other shows both during, and after his time on the Goon Show. He died of a heart attack at the age of 48, leaving a widow Carol.

David AttrillDavid Attrill

Sitting at the BBC microphone for Wallace Greenslade for The Goon Show LIVE! is David Attrill.