Hope your evil laugh is on your lips… HAhaHahAHAhaHahAHAhaHahAHAhaHahAHAhaHahA!

If not, you had better start practising.

Our next show, which is on at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort on Friday 28th October, is our very own take on the ancient ‘festival’ of All Hallows.

  • Yes; there will be ghouls
  • Yes; there will be witches


  • YES; there will be gouts of blood pouring from your veins when they have been ripped open by the Count!

Oh, I forgot… it’s a family show…

Well, there’ll be something a little bit scary for everyone, so come along for a terrific night of entertainment.

  • When? Friday 28th October 2011, at 8pm
  • Where? Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort
  • What? Dinner and Show – Accommodation packages available too.

Bookings and more info? Click here!