Last night (Fri. 24th Feb. 2012), the Theatresports® Blue Mountains troupe blew the roof off the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort!

Playing to a full house, two teams battled it out for the love and approval of the audience. Our teams; ‘Rudd’s Bloody Knife’ and ‘Rangers Revenge’ clashed in a head to head impro combat the likes of which have never been seen before.

The show featured some terrific highlights, including the retelling of the fairytale ‘Snow White’ – reinterpreting the story as a Latvian ballet. The audience wheezed even more when the classic story ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was brought to life in one of the most absurd re-enactments we never (never) want to see again – sublime it was.

With delightful support from our resident muso Matt Dennett, and overseen by our very own Judge Janet – last night’s show was a huge success.

Of course, we were helped along with plenty of audience contributors; a young fellow Darcy acted as scorekeeper (his maths teacher will be impressed), Libby stepped on-stage as an extremely well presented TV host, and we certainly cannot forget our special guest David who was dragged on-stage as a special 40th birthday surprise (boy, his wife Sally has a LOT to answer for!).

In the end, the games culminated with the announcement of the night’s champion team… ‘Rudd’s Bloody Knife’ squeeeeezed into the winning position over the ‘Rangers’, with one point separating them.

Now the stage has been struck and the lights dimmed… so that we do it all again next month; Friday 30th March; book now!