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Laura Falls
An episodic detective story in the noir style, for radio

Laura Falls has been murdered and her sister Wendy is missing.

William Borough is asked to investigate Laura's unsolved case files to determine if the clients in those cases may be possible suspects in her disappearance.

Each episode is devoted to a case file.

Using flashbacks, we hear the interactions between Laura, Wendy and the client, uncovering any relevant clues as to Laura's death along the way.

Towards the end of the episode William asks why the case was unsolved. In the final flashback we learn of the status of the case and why Laura abandoned it, or why the client terminated the job.

Are you Laura?

She’s smart, she’s observant and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Laura Falls is a detective like no other, she’s blind but she can see your dark side. 

Radio 2RPH and the producers are looking for voice actor who has low vision to portray Laura Falls. If you can play a strong-willed woman who won’t suffer fools, please contact Bryan the producer via the form near the bottom of this page, or by phone on 0418 241 218.

All levels of experience will be considered.

And stay tuned to listen for “The Unsolved Case Files of Laura Falls”. Prepare to be blindsided.

line art depiction of female detective in noir style

Key Personnel

Bryan Cutts, actor, director and producer; artistic director of Entertainment Blue Mountains

Bryan Cutts

Executive Producer
& Director

Bryan has been producing and directing since the late 1980s. For more information about him, visit his website

Simon 'Neddie' Lenthen

Simon Lenthen

Producer and Lead Writer

Simon Lenthen is an award winning playwright, a published poet and actor playing the role of Neddie Seagoon in The Goon Show LIVE!.

Pixie Willo, writer extraordinaire

Pixie Willo

Producer and Writer

Pixie is a childrens' storyteller, voice actor, cabaret performer & slam poet.

She is currently finishing a BA in Theatre, Performance & Creative writing at the University of New England.

Pixie is also a narrator for Starship Sofa and AntipodeanSF podcasts.

Regina Botros

Regina Botros

Sound Producer

Regina has made radio since 2002 working for ABC Radio National, BBC and 2SER among others.

Maribel Steel, writer

Maribel Steel

Writer and Vision Consultant

Writer, author, inspirational speaker and blindness consultant. Based in Melbourne, she is passionate about all things creative.

Wesley Stormer, composer for Laura Falls

Wesley Stormer


An award winning composer, Wesley is a young talent whose career needs to be watched, and we are very pleased to have him on the Laura Falls team.

Listen to some of his work on Soundcloud.

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