The Mourners in Canberra in 1997

Steve Grieve and The Mourners have special gig coming up at Katoomba’s Palais Royale Hotel on Thursday 7th June (be sure to grab your early-bird tickets).

To whet your appetite and If you are into blues rock music with strange animation, you might like this video clip on Facebook for the title track on their new album. ‘Caterpillar Maze’. You can view it on Facebook too.

This is what Steve says about what’s behind the track…

Lost in a Caterpillar Maze– Caterpillar Maze, metamorphosis. Rock’n roll is a strange journey. There are times when you are so far down the rabbit hole you no longer know who you are and why you are there. The questions from friends and family add to this dilemma, they have genuine concerns about your motives, particularly when you haven’t progressed or evolved in a similar fashion to themselves. “What do you want out of it” is a tricky question when you are in deep, determined and committed, always writing and developing ideas. The fruits of this hard work may only manifest in a great performance, a fleeting moment, nothing solid or tangible has appeared for them to hold or measure. You may have a great recording but no industry support. Some people need you to have both, to assure them that what they are hearing, and what you are doing with your life is valid. The independent artist, driven and determined, can look the fool arriving at the sharp dressed, safe suburban barbecue in their beaten up old car, attired in their bohemian garb. Meanwhile there are a host of fascinating characters down the rabbit hole with you – fellow artists, delusional madmen and women, potent crafty Svengalis and sly grifters. They make you a promise, they may see a dollar in you, or they may be blinded by your ‘talent’. Some have no idea, not a musical bone in their body, but some have the gift, the magical Midas touch. It’s all timing, right place right time, right people, and a grand illusionary gate can mysteriously open and bestow worldwide success, apparently even on mediocrity. It always gets back to your passion, through the highs and lows the one constant is your love of writing and creating, happily lost in a Caterpillar Maze.

Brought to you by Entertainment Blue Mountains, this is one you can’t miss.

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