We had a wonderful show last Friday 25th November at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort… with an extra special experience; a marriage proposal on our stage!

Philip contacted the Waldorf Leura Gardens resort several weeks before the show, requesting stage-time so that he could propose to his beloved Del during the show.

Between us, we concocted a special ‘accidental’ moment, when we lured Del on stage with Phillip, apparently to participate in a scene. It was then up to Phillip, and he certainly leaped in boots and all… down on bended knee.

It was a very emotional moment, and after a very shell-shocked “Yes” from Del, the audience went wild!


Next show is our famous Ham Stakes pub show at the Alexandra Hotel in Leura on Saturday 3rd December… details here.

Next Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort show; Friday 30th December… details here.