Andrew Russell


Singer/guitarist  Andrew Russell is a true music lover, with a career that spans four decades, three continents and many musical styles. He’s a regular feature on the live gig scene all over Sydney, the Blue Mountains and surrounds, has several CDs to his name… and he even finds time to teach students some of his guitar wisdom.

Being the talented guy he is, Andrew brings to our show wonderful sounds just like in the old days. He blends the original Goon Show’s regular artistes; Max Geldray, Ray Ellington’s Quartet and  Wally Stott’s Orchestra, with his deceptively simple style and honest performances, giving our show the kind of class that the rest of our CraZy People couldn’t bring onto stage if they’d fallen in it!

He makes his home in Australia’s Blue Mountains in NSW, playing and singing a mixture of the 1950‘s-60‘s styles he likes best, swing jazz, rockabilly, bossa nova, bluegrass and the odd Irish jig belted out on the electric guitar. He is a witty and genial compere and if coaxed plays a mean banjo.


Andrew Russell is The Goon Show LIVE! musician and vocalistOur resident Cool Dude is even better in the flesh. Come along and meet him; click here to book your tickets.
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