John Stretton

[one_half]John plays the role of Peter Sellers in ”The Goon Show LIVE!’.

He is a full-time Voice Actor and Audio Producer, with more than 17 years of industry experience. His extremely versatile and adaptable voice provides a huge range of International accents and character voices for Film, Television, the Web and more.

John has been a huge Goon Show fan since he was just 10 years old. He enjoys comedy and draws inspiration from such favourites as Monty Python, Faulty Towers, The Goon Show, The Two Ronnies, The Goodies, Morecambe and Wise and more.

In 2008, John Studied full time in the delivery of: USA and UK Accents – specialising in character voices and mimicry – under internationally renowned Director/Producer and Acting Coach: Professor John Higgins.

John owns his own Production Company and voices regular scripts for clients in Australia and around the globe from professional, purpose-built studio facilities.

As well as characters, John’s smooth and gentle voice deliveries make him perfect for regular voice over work for narratives and, documentaries. Among John’s frequently requested voices are his Movie Trailer and Movie Character voices – including recent work in the films: ‘Mikey’s Extreme Romance’, ‘New Profession’ and ‘The God Painter’. With an truly international quality voice, John also voices scripts for clients such as: Quickflix, Sketchers and Platinum HD Canada (including Sotherbys International Realty) to name but a few.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Playing Sellers, John gets to stretch his voice for a myriad of Goon Show characters, including schoolboy Bluebottle and conniving cad The Hon. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne. Read about the Goon Show characters here.

John is a tall, loveable fellow. Meet him and find out for yourself; click here to book your tickets.
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