More Goon Show stuff…

The Goon Show threw itself on the unsuspecting public via radio… and the fools kept on listening!
Today, the antics of Bluebottle, Bloodnok, Eccles and the rest of the crew, are still heard on the radio around the globe – but technology has ensured that The Goon Show can infiltrate our daily lives even more effectively. Yes, the internet is a wonderful resource of all things Goonery – quite apart from this delightful website (even we have to say it ourselves).
While this list is not exhaustive by any means, we hope that you peruse these websites at your leisure and enjoy them as much as we do.
Naturally, if you manage a website which might be suitable for inclusion here, please write to us here about a reciprocal links arrangement.
We apologise to the finicky people  out there – we haven’t listed these resources in alphabetical or any other order.
Goon Show & related websites / pages

  • The Goon Show Preservation Society; The official Goon Show fan site, dedicated to preventing the extinction of Goonery, featuring much Goonology and the Encyclopaedia Goonicus amongst other wonderful and shiny things.
  • The Goon Show Site; an extensive Goon Show site with plenty of useful information.
  • Robert Dickson’s Goon Show Page; Robert is a dedicated fan, and his website has links to forums, information about catching broadcast recordings on radio etc.

Other websites / pages

  • Kurrajong Radio Museum:A privately funded operation displaying many aspects of radio and is run by Ian O’Toole VK2ZIO. It contains many operational radios and other equipment ready to be demonstrated. Visitors will be given a guided tour. With 250m2 of floor space, large groups can be accommodated. Kurrajong is about 50km to the north west of Sydney.The museum’s website gives information about the museum and provides details of a variety of individual radios for collectors. Information on additional radio equipment is being added as time permits and will include background, technical details and photos.
  • British Comedy Guide; a vast reference website devoted to British comedy, both past and present. Created and run by fans for fans, this site contains hundreds of thousands of pages packed full of information, opinion and detail, plus plenty to entertain: to read, hear and watch.