D. C. Callan is Bluebottle

The Goons are one of the western world’s prime sources of the groan-worthy Dad Joke.

With lines like Ned Seagoon’s “We can’t stand around here doing nothing. People will think we’re workmen!”, it’s no wonder that Dad-type witticisms found new life.

To celebrate the gem that is The Dad Joke, The Goon Show LIVE! is appearing at the Penrith Gaels Club for two shows only over the Fathers’ Day weekend, Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September 2018. The Saturday night show starts at 7pm, and the Sunday show is an afternoon matinee at 3pm.

Three ‘new’ original Goon Show episodes will be performed; Drums along the Mersey, The Mystery of the Marie Celeste (Solved) and The Internal Mountain.

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Audience Reviews tile
Simon Lenthen as Neddie Seagoon... sidelined?

As always, we’re flattered whenever someone takes the time to write some nice words about our shows.

Yesterday this was sent to us by Janet…

“Awesome show and brilliant energy from the performers – a slick production. You’ll be laughing your head off in needle nardle noo time.”

Tomorrow’s dinner and show (14th July) in Katoomba at the Palais Royale is our last performance for this season. Book now for a good laugh and wonderful food.

Read more about the show here.

Spud and Gromit juggling socks in Sockland
Lisa Hanssens as Spud in the Marvellous Sock Machine
a great audience review from this young lady

There’s only one The Goon Show LIVE! dinner and show at the Palais Royale Hotel left – this Saturday 14th July.

Just in case you need convincing, here are some of the wonderful audience reviews that we’ve been favoured with.

Come, book your tickets… it’s the Best British Belly-Laugh Down Under!

Yulefest 2018 with The Goon Show LIVE! brought to you by Entertainment Blue Mountains

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Tickets for our School Holiday performance of The Marvellous Sock Machine on Sunday 8th July, are no longer available… we’re completely booked out.

There are still plenty of tickets left for the rest of our shows, so get socking and book those tickets.

Read about the show… or book now.

The Lads Salute
Johnny Cordukes in full swing

It looks like we have a new fan… Gabrielle sent us this review after coming to our dinner and show with The Goon Show LIVE! last weekend…

“My husband is the Goon Show nut. He is obsessed. It almost put me off because each time he’d listen to a podcast, I couldn’t get the gist or the jokes as quickly as he did. I wasn’t as keen about coming to the show as he was, but I’m so glad I did. The eloquence of the actors, the intimacy of the venue, the thorough enjoyment of everyone in the room (including the cast) and the recreation of a BBC radio studio/production made it an all round perfect way to spend an evening in excellent company.”

We’re thrilled to have been able to entertain you Gabrielle, and hopefully we’ll do so again sometime soon.

Read about The Goon Show LIVE!, or go right ahead and book tickets now.

Andrew Russell doing his thing

Dianne came along to our dinner and show last Saturday… and was kind enough to send us these words via our Facebook Page….

“We had a wonderful time last evening at the Goons Show. A very fast-moving and funny show and We thoroughly the evening, commencing with mulled wine and wonderful Christmas dinner and loads of laughs from 4 very talented men and a magical guitarist.

Thank you Dianne, we are flattered and very chuffed. Hopefully we’ll see you again sometime.

We only have 3 shows left of this Yulefest Blue Mountains season, and for this Saturday the 7th July, there are 5 tickets left… you’d better hurry!

Read more about the show, or go ahead and book tickets now.