…another terrific Theatresports® show.

The Paragon is a delightful ye-olde-world destination for everyone living in and visiting the Blue Mountains… and with our antics on the menu, your visit will be one to remember.

Join us on Saturday night the 8th of December, for our live improvised theatre show, where anything can (and will) happen.

The theme for the show is Chocolate.. of course! Think of your favourite chocolate movies – ‘Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory’, ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ and of course ‘Chocolat’ – we’ll throw all these and more onto the Theatresports® stage, and voila!, a veritable fondue of lighthearted comedy is yours. Bring the family; this is easy entertainment for everyone.

Whatever your fancy, be it soft-centres or break-your-teeth-and-get-stuck, this show is guaranteed to shoot your glucose levels to the moon and back. Scientific evidence (provided by our resident Professor Hil A. Rious) shows that anyone who is hypoglycaemic will see a dramatic change in their behaviour during our shows (think Indian Elephant let loose in a Queensland sugar plantation). AND it’s 100% natural without any artificial colourings, flavours or allergens.