Skye Mostafa

Susanne Evans Mostafa was raised by drag queens in the darkened wings of her local community theatre. From these humble, glittered beginnings, she went on to become the youngest ever member of the Brownville Village Theatre at age 16. She lived and worked with this professional repertory company for three seasons and then began her studies in the Theatre department of Nebraska Wesleyan University.

While there Susanne founded the Mudhead Players, a transformational theatre company which worked primarily with original interpretations of ancient folklore. They were in residence at the Wagon Train Project where they collaborated with touring artists including Karen Finley, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Elizabeth Streb and Howlooseanation.

Susanne then left the Mudheads and America to study at the University of London, Royal Holloway, where she specialised in physical theatre. After graduation, she returned to America and founded The Swan Theatre, a unique Elizabethan Style theatre in an abandoned carriage house within a large garden cemetery. After directing and producing several well-received productions there, including ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead’ (Stoppard), ‘Salome’ (Wilde), ‘Kafka’s Metamorphosis’ (Berkhoff) and ‘Peter Pan’ (Barrie), she passed into the role of actor as a Shakespearean troupe was formed. Playing Viola in ‘Twelfth Night’ and Rosalind in ‘As You Like’ It to sold out seasons were highlights of her time at The Swan Theatre.

She then emigrated to Australia, where she adapted and directed ‘A Christmas Carol’ at Nash Theatre in Brisbane (2002), and worked with the Shy Shamans of Bondi, (2004) co-running self-development courses using physical theatre and shamanic practices to aid in personal transformation. She joined the Bennu Theatre company and assisted Dutch director Bert Van Dyjk through rigorous actor training over a two-year period (2005-2007).

Moving with her young family to the Blue Mountains, Susanne founded the Theatre of Living Light and directed a production of Euripides’ ‘The Bacchae’ in 2009, followed by a smashing original production, ‘Bringers of the Dawn’, in 2011. It was around this time she began working with Entertainment Blue Mountains performing in their Theatresports® events. She then performed in their original children’s shows, The Wollemi Warrior Adventure (2013-14) and Mother Goose (2016).

Susanne has spent the last 5 years working and touring all over Australian folks festivals as a bassist and vocalist with local bluegrass-infused folk band, Lime and Steel, with whom she is recording their fourth album.

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