Wendy Lenthen

Wendy Lenthen; visual design artiste

Wendy Lenthen is Entertainment Blue Mountains’ ‘visionist’; the artiste who conceives and creates the look and feel of our shows and events. Wendy designs wardrobe, sets and all manner of visual elements for EBM.

Wendy is a Blue Mountains artist who specialises in mosaics and recycled crafts. Coming from a background of environmental education, Wendy strives to use found objects and waste to create new pieces of art. Wendy is a two-time winner of the Blue Mountains City Council’s Waste To Art Competition (2011 “Book Lamp”; 2015 “The Dragon Roars”).

In 2011 she started selling her work at markets including Pretty Responsible-Springwood, Penrith Regional Art Gallery, Leura and Wentworth Falls Markets. This includes unique jewellery fashioned from plastic bottles, garden statuary from glass bowls and decanters, jewellery using unwanted dolls and other amazing one-off items.

Recently she started working her found material into her mosaics. Her mosaics use found and/or unwanted tiles, ceramics and crockery, children’s toys and other found objects. Wendy is determined to use recycled material in order to reduce waste going to tips.

Wendy is also happy to share her love of craft and mosaics and frequently holds classes to help others learn how to make mosaics and other objects using found/unwanted materials.

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