Please donate to the Salvo's flood appeal
Please donate to the Salvo’s flood appeal

What an excellent night it was!

Last night, Thursday 20th at Jack Thompson’s Hotel Gearin, we presented a very special Theatresports® Ham Stakes show… and what fun indeed.

Hosted by the one and only Ewan Campell, this magical night of improvised theatre kept our audience in rapturous awe. He was assisted and supprted by the delightful talents of musician Tomomi Takahashi, and the super organised Drew Kitteridge who acted as timekeeper.

We had three teams all vying for glory and adultation, and while there can only be one winner… the Salvation Army’s flood relief project; audience, players, sponsors, staff and everyone else even vaguely connected to this show walked away with memories which can be treasured always.

It was a terrific experience for all, and some much-needed funds were raised.

Thank you to everyone for their support; see you at the next show on Thursday 17th February!