The wonderful talents of Theatresports® Blue Mountains were on show again on Friday night (27th January 2012) to rapturous applause from a large and appreciative audience. It was a slick and perfectly timed show with laughs a minute from beginning to end.

With wonderful musical accompaniment we were transported to a Lego factory and a poison peanut butter attack, complete with a dotty grandma who, in perfect Agatha Christie style, turned out to be a secret agent!

In our two minute games we had a ballet, a human tea kettle, brilliantly evil witches who made children (real ones from the audience) disappear and a wonderful demonstration of indoor synchronised swimming.

The highlight was a forgetful giant frog that suddenly and shockingly realised what frogs legs are made from. It was riveting entertainment from the beginning to the climactic end.

Thanks to our resident judge and evil creature Aaron Wormald for this review.

If you haven’t seen a show yet, do yourself and your friends a favour and book a table. It is guaranteed to be fun!

Next show; Friday 24th February… book now!