Santa’s troupe of naughty elves are getting very over-excited about the upcoming Yulefest Theatresports® show, which is happening on Thursday 21st July at the Hotel Gearin in Katoomba.

They’ve been getting under the big man’s feet, creating all sorts of strife at the the toy-shop.

In an unexpected development, Santa called in the help of his trusty friend Rudolf to whip those pesky elves into shape. Unfortunately this has backfired, and Rudolph was last seen tied up with packing tape and singing “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells…” while under the influence of some potent egg-nog.

Santa is in training with his team of elves, ahead of their head-to-head challenge against the greatest threat Christmas cheer has ever faced… Scrooge.

Sources close to the ‘Humbug Horror’ state that old-man Scrooge has entered into an uneasy alliance with the Three Ghosts is his plot to over-throw Santa. His ultimate aim is apparently to eliminate Santa’s hold on the toy-manufacturing market, which according to some analysts, would result in global turmoil as retailers are forced to relinquish shelf-space, replacing toys with lumps of dirty coal. As various counties work towards reducing carbon emissions, such an eventuality is tipped to increase the carbon price tenfold.

To witness this clash between Santa and Scrooge, and enjoy a sumptuous Christmas Roast followed by a traditional plum pudding, book your tickets now.