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Cult comedy entertainment…

With high energy and snappy one-liners, you will be quoting these guys for Forever!

The many stories of Neddie Seagoon, a rotund and short (“Duck’s Disease, the curse of the Seagoons!”) idiot. 

This tour de overacting, incorporating lots of sound effects, silly voices and a platoon of CraZy characters, will have you in fits of laughter and drowning in your own tears.

Seagoon, a good-natured and hairy sort, is victim to a terrible weakness… GREED. Coupled with his innate gullibility, Neddie’s covetous nature makes him easy prey to confidence schemes courtesy of the conniving cads Grytpype-Thynne and Moriarty.

Featuring a plethora of characters including the world’s most famous idiot Eccles (yes, even more infamous than Neddie), the squeaky-voiced boy-scout Bluebottle (who reads his stage-directions out loud), Major Dennis Bloodnok a devout coward, and Miss Minnie Bannister the sexy senior citizen who lives in sin with crumbling, fumbling old man Henry Crun.

The Lads Salute

The Lads with Perfect Radio Faces Salute You

You have to admit it, these
mirror-cracking faces
should never be allowed to
invade your television screen.

Click here to meet the Lads of
The Goon Show LIVE!

Johnny Cordukes is Eccles


It all started in June 2013, with sold-out shows at The Paragon in Katoomba.

Read about the original Goons and the story of The Goon Show LIVE!

D. C. Callan is Bluebottle

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