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D. C. Callan is Bluebottle

Fathers Day Celebration of Dad Jokes

The Goons are one of the western world’s prime sources of the groan-worthy Dad Joke. With lines like Ned Seagoon’s “We can’t stand around here

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Simon Lenthen as Neddie Seagoon... sidelined?

Thanks Janet for your Review of The Goon Show LIVE!

As always, we’re flattered whenever someone takes the time to write some nice words about our shows. Yesterday this was sent to us by Janet…

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a great audience review from this young lady

Audience Reviews and only one show left

There’s only one The Goon Show LIVE! dinner and show at the Palais Royale Hotel left – this Saturday 14th July. Just in case you need convincing, here

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The Lads Salute

Dinner and Show 7th July Sold Out

Sorry Folks.. well not really, but tickets for this Saturday night’s The Goon Show LIVE! dinner and show for Yulefest are sold out. There are

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Johnny Cordukes in full swing

We’re Blushing Now

It looks like we have a new fan… Gabrielle sent us this review after coming to our dinner and show with The Goon Show LIVE!

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Andrew Russell doing his thing

More Wonderful Words of Praise for The Goon Show LIVE!

Dianne came along to our dinner and show last Saturday… and was kind enough to send us these words via our Facebook Page…. “We had

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