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The Best British Belly-laugh Down Under!

The battle of Waterloo nby Tony Kentuck, click for a larger display of this print

Tony Kentuck's ''The Battle of Waterloo'

Printed on archival acid-free art paper, this must-have Goon-type artwork can be yours for FREEE when you book and attend our opening night on 20th June 2019.

June 29, 2013 was the date of our inaugural performance of The Goon Show LIVE!… which means this this year’s opening night is our 6th Birthday… and this season is our 7th Yulefest!

To celebrate, every booking for opening night on Saturday 29th June, will include a FREE copy of ‘The Battle of Waterloo’, the ultimate Goon-Type Fanatic’s Gift.

We’ve teamed up with International award winning Australian cartoonist / caricaturist, Tony Kentuck.

click to see a larger version of this print.

And… here’s a delightful print of ‘The Battle of Waterloo’, rendered by Tony, featuring many of your favourite Goon show characters.

Tony has been a Goons-freak for a long time, so it made perfect sense for him to put this depiction onto paper for the enjoyment of Goons fans everywhere..

This full colour cartoon of one of history’s most epic battles by award-winning Australian Cartoonist Tony Kentuck, took over 7 years to produce; and now Tony has completed this wonderful work, you can hang it on your wall.

You could even have it autographed by the Lads after one of our shows… that would be special!

Available on The Goon Show LIVE! website for $65, this delightful print can be yours free with any booking for opening night, Saturday 20th June 2019.


Simply book your tickets and you will automatically receive your copy, in your hands, when you arrive on the night. Go on, click the Book Tickets Now button!

Please note:

  • only one (1) copy can be claimed against any one purchase of tickets for the performance on Saturday 29th June 2019
  • any booking for the performance on Saturday 29th June 2019 which is subsequently cancelled or transferred to another date, no longer qualifies for this gift
  • non-attendance to the performance on Saturday 29th June 2019 automatically disqualifies the claim for this gift

Further clarification or questions may be directed via email using this form.

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