Our mascot Hamlette on the hustings.

It was a terrific show on Thursday 19th August 2010, which was ostentatiously billed as an UN-election special against the backdrop of the looming Australian Federal Election several days later.

Two teams (‘The Umbrellas’ and ‘Team B’) of skilled improvisers faced each-other across the political no-man’s land, and battled it out for absolute supremacy.

It was a heavy contest to sway the voter-audience, however as with all contests there can only be one winner; the awesome talents of Team B won the night by a margin of 3 points with some excellent sketches.

In keeping with the season, several of the local candidates for the Blue Mountains seat of Macquarie attended the show and entered into the fun of it all, by allowing our improvisers to poke a little bit of gentle fun at politicians in general with investigation of such concepts as sincere politicians, kept promises and honesty.

To cap off the show, MC and Theatresports® Blue Mountains Artistic Director, Bryan Cutts, invited the candidates to step up onto stage and deliver with a 30 second speech each, a range of dream promises they’d deliver should they be elected as Australia’s next Prime Minister. The winning bid, achieving the loudest applause from the audience, related to a brave proposal incorporating free beer. Surely a winner indeed; although, the jury’s still out as to whether this promise will actually be delivered:)!

Logo for Get ShirtyAs always, several prizes were given away throughout the show to various audience participants, supplied by two supportive Blue Mountains businesses. Local t-shirt and promotional product business, Get Shirty, made it possible to give away some wonderful printed T-Shirts; and in keeping with the name of the show, Peter’s Meats in Katoomba made available some delicious ham steaks.

All-in-all, fun was had by everyone, even if in the end we were no closer to deciding who we’d all vote for on the following Saturday.

Next show; September 23rd… be there!