Last night (Friday Aug 26th 2011) we presented our first show at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort… and what a show it was!

Not really sure of how it was going to play out (yes, pun intended), our talented cast threw themselves on the mercy of a restaurant full of patrons who all had one message emblazoned on their heads – ‘entertain me’.

And entertain we did!

Featuring two teams, The Walnuts and She’s Apples (hey, we were at the Waldorf after all), the audience was treated to a high energy show which broke them down completely.

There were plenty of laughs, especially when something went wrong (as always happens when everything is totally unscripted).

It was show chock-full of wonderful scenes, which included the entire Harry Potter franchise compressed into a 1 minute rip-roaring re-hash and lessons in how to polish silver-ware.

Our cast took the audience on strange journeys into unknown (or at least unrecognisable) worlds, and we were all introduced to a whole world of weird and (mostly) wonderful characters.

Supported by Guy ‘Mr. Music;’ Saltis, and judged by the stunningly beautiful Janet Lynne Smith and the slightly less beautiful Aaron Wormald, we quite frankly blew up the house!

Photos and footage are on their way, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, put the dates of our next shows into your diary… Thursday 15th Sept, The Ham Stakes Show at the Hotel Gearin in Katoomba – and Fri 30th September, The Theatresports Show at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort.