Our mascot Hamlette with a very worried Turkey!
Our mascot Hamlette with a very worried Turkey!

Well, there’s not much more you can say when the warmth of the applause is as wonderful as it was tonight!

It was a terrific show, and the audience was quite simply delightful.

There were 4 teams; the Deers, the Turkey Stuffers, the Stocking Fillers and Santa’s Naughty Elves; all vying for the ultimate reward – the undying adulation of the audience.

Reel it in... The show was action packed; we were entertained by Shakespearean drama, sports-style commentary, music and out-and-out comedy – ingredients which guaranteed a night to remember.

In the end, it was Santa’s Naughty Elves who stole first place, followed closely by those Stocking Fillers.

Of course, a show isn’t a show without great music… and we had that in bucket-loads. Opening the show we were treated to a Tom Lehrer classic, presented by the Blue Mountains own Very Small Choir. This magnificent group also gave a us several ditties when we came back from intervals.

Continuing the music theme, all our players were supported by Tim Cunningham, another BM local, who’s been around the music scene for aeons.

We gave away prizes, laughed a lot and generally worked our funny bones to the (well) bone!

Now it’s full steam ahead for the next show, an election 2010 special; Ham Goes Poll-Dancing! Put it in your diary now; Thursday 19th August, 8pm, at Jack Thompson’s Hotel Gearin.

See you there.