Wow… that was a terrific show… possibly our best show yet at the Waldorf Leura Gardens Resort, which happened tonight (Fri 30th Dec 2011).

Two teams were featured; the ‘Two Meows and a Cockatoo’ (featuring Janet Smith, Trish Donnahue and Josh Tredinnik) and ‘Fired Up’ (Murray Robertson, Costa , and Skye Evans).

And what a Theatresports® battle it was!

We re-wrote the popular fairy tales ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘Rapunzel’ ; enjoyed some wonderful improvised Opera (with the requisite deaths, loves lost and gained etc.); saw the creation of two completely improvised ballets (to ensure we remained culturally relevant) – and all of it absolutely unrehearsed!

Yes, it almost came undone at the seams… however the glue held fast, and with the help of a terrific audience, we brought the house down.

Some terrific moments, great laughs… exactly what Theatresports® is all about.

Next show: Friday 27th January… don’t miss it. More information here.