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Blue Mountains Accommodation Package

Property Name offers Blue Mountains visitors this wonderful deal… when you’ve booked your accommodation, don’t forget to organise your tickets for The Goon Show LIVE!

Package details can be a single offer to be detailed here in a single paragraph; or if you prefer, put together several deals which can be listed in bullet points such as those below;
  1. Offer #1 details
  2. Offer #2 details
  3. Please no more than 4 or 5 offers

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Here you can write one, two or three short paragraphs about your property. This is you chance to sell your property to prospective guests.

You might want to describe your accommodation, or focus on the location and surrounds… or perhaps do both; it is entirely up to you.

The image on the right can anything appropriate, either one of your guest-rooms, perhaps the entrance to your property, or maybe your beautiful gardens.

The contact form will be set up to email you directly about anyone who wants to enquire about staying at your property.

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