Partner art

Hi there,
Below are three artwork options for you to use, depending on what fits best on your website.
They are larger than you will probably want; you can resize these to suit, although it is recommended that you preview your chosen image to be sure that it can still be read by anyone visiting your website. It is suggested that anything smaller the 150px is too small.
Ideally, instead of embedding the chosen graphic into your website, you can use the following code (the specifications picked out in red can be changed to suit the image which your choose and what  other specifications work best with your website);
<a href=”“><img class=”aligncentersrc=”×176.pngalt=”Visit the Goon Show Live website and book showswidth=”215height=”126“/></a>
Of course, if you prefer to embed the image, that is OK too.
The web address to link the image to is
If you have any problems, please write to us here.